the good NEws - There's No Place Like the Theater

Believing that she is stuck in Oz forever and will never see her home again, Dorothy is told by Glinda that she has had the power to return home all along. “She wouldn’t have believed me,” Glinda says in response to the Scarecrow’s question of why she didn’t tell Dorothy sooner. “She had to learn it for herself.”

Before rehearsals even began for the Sutton Community Theater/Sutton Public Schools’ production of “The Wizard of Oz”, everyone involved knew that it would be an experience they would not soon forget. We knew this. Theater has a way of doing that to anyone that gets involved, every time they get involved. But, like Dorothy, we had to learn it for ourselves.

We had to arrive in Munchkinland, surrounded by people and things we didn’t know. A lot of us were unfamiliar with other members of the cast and were dropped into music and a production that was new.

We had to follow the Yellow Brick Road, trust our directors, build friendships with those who we found along the way.

We had to brave the haunted forest, overcome frustration and conquer whatever doubts we formed in our minds.

We had to keep pressing on, knowing the rewards that laid before us if we were to succeed.

We had to prove the Wizard wrong – get pyrotechnics to work. We had to fight off the flying monkeys – costume a full show. And we had to defeat the Wicked Witch – finish daunting set and backstage assignments.

We had to go through it ourselves. We had to learn it ourselves.

While Dorothy learned that there’s no place like home, I learned to trust in everyone around me and have faith that it would all come together.

I learned that a little (ok, lots) of sweat and back pain from putting in the extra effort to be as believable and entertaining as I could be is a small price to pay.

I remembered that a show only comes around once and that it’s over before you realize it, so you better put as much into it and take as much from it as you can.

And I learned that the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts, in terms of the show itself and the people who bring it together. You expect to get close to the people you work with, but you never really quite understand just how close.

And with that, I’ll click the heels of my ruby slippers running shoes and say, “There’s no place like the theater. There’s no place like the theater. There’s no place like the theater.”

Thank you to everyone involved in the production. It’s extremely hard to end a show, but extremely gratifying to know that all of you are family. I hope all of the younger cast members will continue to perform and be active in the theater and the arts, as a whole.

To our faithful community who supports our endeavors and the fans of the shows, we’ll have more coming your way soon. Some big ideas are in the works and as much as I look forward to being a part of them, we hope you look forward to them, as well.

The good NEws is that we did it again and with the hope that we will continue to do it long into the future.

Thank you Scott, Kaylin, Lois, Gwenda, Liz, Don, Megan, Deech, Sam, Kelli, the Greens, Rita, Pat, Michelle, Randy, Rich and everyone else that I can’t possibly list by name.

And thanks for reading.