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Sutton Class of 2012 Urged to be the Next 'Great Generation'

The Sutton High School class of 2012 could amount to many different careers.

Chyanne Barnhill and Shelby Overturf both want to be veterinarians. Tyler Post and Megan Korb want to be elementary school teachers. Michael Cox III hopes to be a mechanical and aerospace engineer.

But regardless of their collegiate studies and career ambitions, Korb, the class salutatorian, said that they will all be one thing: mountain climbers.

“Each one of our futures is like a mountain,” Korb said in her salutatory address. “We have to start climbing to see where we will go. And our success is when we reach the top. It may be a long journey and the first steps may be a little rough, but I know that we can all make it there eventually. So, class of 2012, start climbing to your success.”

That was her decree for the class moving forward, but Korb also took time to reflect on the past 13 years. In that time, she said, a lot has changed.

“I still remember when half of our school day was about learning to write, spell and do simple math,” Korb said. “The other half of the day was recess, lunch and, of course, nap time. Now, or day consists of eight classes that last 50 minutes each and half-an-hour for lunch. There’s a pretty big difference.”

The years gradually transitioned from the “simple and to the point” Cat in the Hat to “books where the author writes something in about five pages that I could have said in five words,” Korb explained.

But all of that, including the dreaded early school-day mornings, led the class to Saturday’s graduation ceremonies, where the 28 students, plus two foreign exchange students, sat in their caps and gowns awaiting their long-sought and hard-earned diplomas.

But Superintendent Dana Wiseman told the students that piece of paper symbolizes something much larger.

“You will receive a diploma that states you have satisfactorily completed the required course of study, but, more importantly, you have completed a journey designed to prepare you for the future,” Wiseman said.

To read the full story, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (5/16/12)

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