the good NEws - The Case of the Missing Homework

It was a big breaking news day in Clay County on Friday, but I can only do so much at a time, so I decided that my time would be best spent covering the ever so exciting... locker removal at Sutton Public School.

Ok, so I kid. It was a pretty slow day. And a pretty slow week. (Don’t think I’ll be saying that about this week, though. Yikes!) So sometimes, when things are slow and excitement is low, you have to make your own excitement.

So, being the innate treasure hunter and adventurer that I am, I decided to check out the collection of items that had gathered behind and underneath the lockers over the course of the 40-some-odd years that they have been in place. Apart from the gaping cavities in the walls where the lockers used to be, that mess was what caught my eye first. I was convinced that there had to be something in there that had more of a story to it than a simple “oops, I dropped my pencil down the back.” (Although, the “oops, I dropped my pencil down the back” story seemed far and away the most common, as probably thousands of pencils and pens decorated the hollow spaces.)

But I was determined to find something in there that was better than an old pencil or dried up pen. Not so determined as to get on my hands and knees and paw through every square inch of the grime, but determined enough to casually walk around a portion of the hallway and glance down at the mess. (So maybe “determined” isn’t the word at all. Let’s call it “inquisitively hopeful” instead.)

I’m sure that I could have uncovered something if I had free reign, but as I didn’t, my search was largely futile. However, there was one item amongst the rubble that caught my eye. A folded piece of paper. A note! Could it be a long-lost declaration of love? Perhaps a simple stolen moment during a boring class to tell a friend hi? Regardless, they were words that were who knows how old, never rescued from the depths of the locker bottom.

I unfolded the piece of paper. It was a note to Mr. Gerlecz, dated “9-1-06”. I have removed actual names, but the note reads:

“My name is _____ and I am _____’s mother. All this week, I have been in Denver, Co on business. ______ had asked me to pick her up a newspaper, and I completely forgot. I am sorry, but that is why she does not have one! Please let her make-up this work for you.
Thank you,

There you have it. The biggest mystery I was able to uncover from the locker pit. A parent-to-teacher note. So, Mr. Gerlecz, if this note never reached you, now you know why Student A never brought in a newspaper back in 2006.

I only hope he took mercy.

The good NEws is that, at long last, the case of the missing homework has been solved after six full school years. Just call me a Hardy Boy.

Perhaps I can find a more exciting story to tell you next week. I’m hoping the Civil War soldiers will let me embed myself as a journalist in the front lines so I can get the real, first-hand account of the battles that will rage in Sutton this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Readers, have fun at EdgarFest and Dugout Days. I know I will.

Thanks for reading.