the good NEws - Sing for Symtschytsch

I’ve been told my a number of people that this column is one of the first things that they look at each week when they open the paper. To them, I first say thank you, but this week I also want to stay stop ahead before you go too far. Look over to page 2 and first read the story about the benefit that is being planned in Clay Center for Heather Symtschytsch, as this week’s column directly addresses it.

Please do so now, or, if you’ve already read it, please continue.

I was handed the text that comprises that article during the Relay for Life about one month ago by Betty Eastin, Heather’s grandmother. As the benefit was not for a ways down the road, I set it to the side to revisit it later. Last week, I read what Betty gave me as I typed it up, and was taken aback by the multitude of illnesses and diseases, and the complications from those, that have plagued Heather in her young life.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Celiac Disease Symptoms. Migraine Headaches. Loss of vision in right eye. Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Mannose Binding Lectin Protein Deficiency. Infections. Allergic Reactions to medications. More health issues than a medical student learns about in a semester, and she’s had ‘em all.

And again, one of our communities is rising to the occasion to help. It has always been, and was from the start, one of the things that I loved and admired the most about this area since I have moved here: the generosity and kindness you show to others when they are in need.

And now, I want to take part, too. Although I don’t know Heather and although she is a complete stranger to me outside of what that article contains, I want to help. So I’ve come up with an idea. I’m calling it Sing for Symtschytsch. My idea is simple: for a $5 donation to the benefit, I will sing you a song. In reading that Heather is musically inclined and enjoys singing and dancing and playing violin and the piano, I thought I, too, could do something musical to help. I am blessed to be able to sing and to be in good health, and I’ve always thought that you should use your talents and abilities to help others. Here’s an opportunity to do that.

I’m not sure what to expect from this, but I’m giving it a try, and even if I only get one person to “buy” a song, anything helps, right? But please, ask me for a song. Call me to request one (office: 402-773-5576 or cell: 207-590-9627). I’ll stop by your home, office, anywhere to deliver your song. I’ll even do it by phone. The benefit is not until July 29, so there’s plenty of time, and I’m hoping to drop in on businesses around the county between now and then, too, so look for me and make me sing. Use it to embarrass me a little, send me to someone else to brighten (hopefully) their day, or use it to break up the work day.

Also, I welcome anyone else to follow my lead. If you can sing, if you can play a (portable) instrument, feel free to do the same. Let’s Sing for Symtschytsch and see what we can do to help.

I will compile a list of songs for you to choose from. (I have to limit my catalog).

The good NEws is that we’ve all been given talents and abilities, and I encourage everyone to find a way to use those to help others each and every day.

Thanks for reading.