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Stockham Celebrates Hair-itage at Q-125

Although the 2010 Census reported a population in Stockham of just 44, you never would have known it on Saturday, as the town celebrated it’s 125th anniversary.

Starting with a glow ball golf tournament and movie on Friday night, the celebration rolled over to the next day, attracting friends, family and residents from around the area. Organizers estimated that more than 500 people were served at the evening barbecue.

One of them was the face of Stockham’s Q-125, the legendary Lenny Stockham.

“It’s awesome,” Stockham said, while the band Stop 30 Road entertained the crowd Saturday evening. “It’s been so much fun. There was a lot of planning, but it came together great.”

The festivities were 125 years in the making, dating back to August 1, 2887, when work on the town of Stockham began. But, unofficially, the town’s history is even older.

To read the full story, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (8/8/12)

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