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Sutton PD Solves Dozen Burglaries Sunday

The Sutton Police Department was able to solve 13 pending burglary cases on Monday night, while also recovering items stolen during the incidents.

Responding to a domestic call in Sutton, Police Chief Tracey Landenberger said they were also tipped off about stolen property inside the residence and elsewhere.

Recovered items from the night include generators, knives, ammunition cartridges and a four-wheeler. The property corresponded to recent thefts at The Sweet Treat, Zoucha’s Irrigation, resident William Wochner and storage units, among others.

Officer Blake Smidt noted that the burglaries have been connected together by the department because they shared an MO (mode of operation).

The case involves three individuals, but no arrests have been made on related charges. One of the suspects, however, is in jail on other charges, Landenberger said.

The Sutton PD is gathering more information and evidence to levy charges.

A tool that is believed to have been used when breaking into one of the storage units was left behind, and is being sent with the broken lock to the State Department to see if they match up.

To read the full story, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (8/8/12)

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