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New Design Proposed for Edgar Center

There is still no final approval on the design for the construction of a new Edgar City Hall and Rec Center, but a new design plan has been drafted and will be looked at again at the city council’s next meeting, Oct. 9.

Additional recommendations were made by the council at the meeting last Tuesday, again pushing back approval on the facility. The current design is estimated at 10,053 square feet, and features a junior high size basketball court and two community meeting rooms, in addition to the city hall space.

A kitchen has been left in the plan, and another bathroom has been added.

One of the community rooms is about 30’ x 29’ and the other is slightly smaller.

Next month’s meeting could bring final approval for the building, if the council agrees on the new design.

To read the full story, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (9/19/12)

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