BULL - Pulling Together

Last week you will recall me talking about how a community can come together and show support.

This past Sunday a community, a family, and a gathering of friends put forth a grand show of support for one of their own, Bradley Ochsner.

What a show it was, full of support, love, a little sweat, and several tears in supporting Bradley and his family.

During the course of the weekend while lending a little hand with the benefit I remember back to life in college while going through journalism classes with perhaps the best instructor that I ever had.

Bobbie McKenzie, a very unique individual she was to say the least.

Bobbie suffered from probably one of the most severe cases of Rheumatoid arthritis that I’ve ever been around.

But not one time did she ever complain, or even show her pain to her students.

I’ve often written about those that I look up to, but this lady truly was a trooper like no other.

To read the full column, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (3/30/11)