BULL - Dreary Spring

While I realize it could be worse...even MUCH worse, I have to do a little complaining to start out this week, specifically directed at whomever it is that decides the type of weather south central Nebraska will receive on a daily basis. So I pen this letter, to the only one that I can think of that has control over weather, the woman that my Grandpa Bryant always told me controlled the weather...Mother Nature of course.

Dear Mother Nature,

Please stop with the shenanigans that you’ve brought forth to South Central Nebraska.

While I realize that moisture is a much needed “commodity” for area farmers, which of course is the life blood of rural Nebraska, I also realize that you’re making life a tad bit miserable for area track and golf teams, family gatherings and old duffers such as myself that would love to golf a little more when free time is available.

No, I am not complaining that much, but on days when there are scheduled events, such as a track meet, a golf tournament, a baseball clinic, family picnic, or any type of event where comfort would be nice, versus the nagging cold wet conditions of late, I just ask that you “have all of our backs” so to speak.”

Tory Duncan

To read the full column, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (4/27/11)