the good NEws - The Death of My Computer

My work computer crashed since we last spoke. Like, crashed hard.

It started clicking and wheezing at me. Not being a computer doctor, I told it to try and sleep it off.

That didn’t help.

It awoke, but only briefly. Long enough for me to salvage my notes from this week. And nothing else.

No notes from weeks past, no important upcoming dates, no photos, videos, files stashed on my desktop.

Not that I had my life’s memoir or critical, can’t-lose documents saved, but when all of a sudden everything’s gone, it’s a weird feeling.

I’m at the office a lot and on the computer a lot, so naturally there are things that I save. I’m a pack-rat, too. Not quite a hoarder, but I like to hang onto things. I collect quotes, pictures and writings that I like. I often will type something up quickly and save it if a thought comes to me while I’m at work.

But, with the death of my computer, all of that is gone.

To read the full column, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (5/18/11)