D-E Throttles Sutton in Clay County Battle

In a battle on paper, Wednesday nights Clay County battle between the lines with Davenport-Edgar and Sutton appeared to be a typical battle to the end.

On the field this night, however, D-E took control with a 5-1 lead after the second inning and coasted to a 25-5 win in five innings over Sutton.

The two teams opened with a 1-1 tie after the first inning. D-E’s Tyler VanCleef would score on a Luke Christensen single, while Sutton’s Brody Yost, after smashing a triple would score on a Lance Spongberg sacrifice to even the game.

D-E gained a slight edge in the second with four runs on a pair of singles as VanCleef, Trent Tietjen, Austin Nacke and Sam Christensen all scored. Dalton Kinnaman and Nacke both singled for the guys in blue to take a 5-1 lead into the top of the third inning after Sutton failed to score in the bottom of the second.

Eight runs in the top of the third broke the game open for the visiting D-E crew.

VanCleef, Kinnaman, Ryan Tegtmeier, Luke Christensen, Andrew Kuta, Tietjen and Sam Christensen all scored for D-E.

Sutton’s second bright spot in the loss would come in the bottom of the third as Wade Overturf crushed a D-E pitch over the left-center fence for a grand slam home run to set the score at a 13-5 D-E edge.

To read the full story, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (6/15/11)