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Megan's Musings - Parenthood

I hear so often how my ramblings about my boys bring back such memories for parents whose own children are grown up now.  It is always wonderful to hear that someone enjoys reading the column, but it is incredible to me that people actually see themselves in my Musings.

When you are right in the middle of this parenthood career, you are blind to the fact that people have been here before and people (hopefully your own children) will be there again.

I thought maybe we were the only parents that ever fell to their knees, eye to eye with a maniacal toddler and hysterically ranted, “We will not negotiate with terrorists.  We will not negotiate with terrorists!”

One of my sons told me once after a particularly rough day, “I love you, Mommy, even when you are kinda mean.”  Well, that just stings, I’m not even going lie.
I don’t want to be the mean mother, but I also don’t want to raise a tribe of purebred hoodlums. As I’ve mentioned before, our children are deeply blessed in the untameable tempermant department.

I’ve given them the “We have rules, and expectations and discipline because we love you!” speech so many times I’ll wager the youngest could recite it with 85% accuracy.

To read the full column, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (6/29/11)

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