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Megan's Musings - A Day of Highs and Lows

Last Friday was one of those ‘roller coaster’ days for our family. You know what I mean...full of highs and lows.

At 2:00 in the afternoon we signed papers to buy a different house and by nightfall we were burying our little bucket calf. Now I realize that this is an animal that I’m talking about, but it really was more like losing a beloved pet, than it was like losing livestock.

However, as my mother-in-law always says, “Better in the barn than in the house.”  Meaning, of course, that it is better to have disease, sickness and loss under the roof of your barn than the roof of your house.  Which is so very true, still the loss of our little Flare was hard for the entire family (and even some friends) to take.

When Flare arrived home from the fair on Sunday, she seemed ecstatic to be back to the Majors farm, kicking up her heels and chasing her barnmate, Ruby.

But on Monday, she wasn’t interested in her bottle and that concerned us.  From the moment she arrived in our front yard, less than two hours old, she has always taken feeding time very seriously.  The vet treated her and throughout the week, she would seem better and then backslide.

But it wasn’t until Friday that we grew really concerned. After signing papers, we decided to check in on her since we were just across the road. That heat could make anyone feel terrible, but it didn’t take a DVM degree to see she was really, really sick. Despite aggressive treatment from her own personal vet and a second opinion from another veterinarian, she grew very sick, very fast on Friday.

To read the full column, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (7/20/11)

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