BULL - Big Ten/Big Change

The dawning of a new age? The wave at the Big 12 (or whatever that old league was)? What to take of this new venture into the Big Ten (12) really has the spunk of a great deal of people in the world of Nebraska Football.

Is it/was it the right move? One will never know until season one of the Big Ten is done and over with.

One thing is for sure, the dander is up, the spunk of Husker Nation is in full force, just oozing full of fire. My grandmother had an old saying that she directed at me MANY year’s ago, but for the sanity of the readers of this column, and more importantly the need to be “verbally correct” in the world of print journalism, I just can’t go the direction of what Grandma Bryant always told me I was full of, because....well just because. We’ll leave it at that.

This Saturday, while it’s not a clash of Titans in the Big Ten, starts a new page in the history of Nebraska football.

Tennessee Chattanooga, I think is some kind of swirly snake/serpent that has no legs, or bite, but what it does signify is the beginning of the fifth season in Nebraska.

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