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Megan's Musings - Mom's Pay Back

One of the little princes approached me the other day and rather accusingly stated, “You know, Mom, you should thank us.  You really should.  You write about us all the time. You owe us. Hey, you should pay us!”

Oh, I plan on paying them. Paying them back, that is.

I like to tell them that when they are grown men, with families of their own, that I will come to live with them.  I have put a great deal of thought into my retirement plans and since I understand that idleness in your golden years leads to an early demise, I have developed an intricate, involved and substantial plan to not only keep busy but also to amuse myself.

Since I have been blessed with four sons, I will stay three months at each household. I don’t have specific plans to cook, clean or provide responsible child care. I will, however, spend a great deal of time with my grandchildren and since I won’t have to pay a mortgage or buy groceries, I will have plenty of money to buy them dirt bikes, go-carts and illegal fireworks. My refusal to do this for my own children has caused them much psychological distress and I really want to be able to “help” my boys out with their own kids.

To read the full column, see this week's issue of the Clay County News (9/14/11)

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