BULL - Numbers

With a little down time Sunday evening, I caught myself in the middle of watching a show on the Major League Baseball channel related to the creation of the current day’s statistical process within the game.

Relating this to any game, I came to realize just what numbers, specifically stats, have become in this world, not just in sports, but everyday life.

Of course numbers have always been in all of our lives, whether is the balance of a bank account, or that dang calculus class that many of us had to deal with in high school or college, the world of numbers is just that.

While watching this show, however, I became a little dumbfounded with just how important individual statistics have become to many, whether it’s at the professional level, the college level, or the high school level.

Numbers seem to have taken over ability, desire and work ethic.

Of course they are interlinked in many ways, if you have the ability, the desire, and the work ethic, the numbers will obviously show up in your favor.

But in many cases, especially in professional sports or college sports, numbers at times seem far more important then representing yourself in a positive way, or being a team player.

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