BULL – Pride at Home

This past week to week and a half around Clay County has definitely been one of those time frames in which communities throughout the county certainly showed off their pride on several different levels.

BULL – Full Slate Weekend

I would find it highly unusual this coming weekend if readers of the Clay County News find it hard to fill the weekend with some good ole fun in the sun.

BULL – Dad's Day

I had the chance to take a day and fill it with very little to do on the work front this past weekend and find sometime to just observe and think about some observations of the week past, with most of the thought process going into the many dads out there that enjoyed a Sunday full of family and fun.

My day began with a trip to Hastings to watch a little softball and see Todd’s Feed 18 & under girls softball team drop the only game of their trip through the Class C District 7 tournament Sunday morning.

Following my departure from the softball complex in Hastings, I heard about their huge comeback to win the District title. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I just needed to stay away. Nah, surely I wasn’t the reason that the girls had to work their tails off to come back through the losers bracket to win the title?

None the less, I filled the rest of my Sunday with a little time on the driving range, trying to make an attempt to improve the golf game.

It felt good...UNTIL I stepped onto the golf course an hour later and found that every ball I hit well on the driving range, STAYED on the driving range. So be it. Never give up.

The most noticeable part of my day Sunday was the amount of dads and families out on the course, enjoying a day of fun in the sun (and heat), taking in dad time.

One case in particular was while hitting a bucket of balls on the driving rang. Yes, when I was actually hitting the ball well.

A father and his young son, perhaps two or three years old, just out on the range, hitting golf balls together, laughing, giggling, talking and enjoying their time as father and son.

I can remember moments with my dad around that age, probably a bit older, either playing catch with the baseball or playing in the sandbox.

As I didn’t grow up near a golf course, it wasn’t even a thought until my older years to pick up the game of golf.

Maybe, just maybe, I should have left it as a game that I never picked up? Nah, it’s too much fun.

So while watching this young father and his son have an absolute blast together on the driving range, each swing It brought thoughts of my own father. Not because we had ever had the chance to play a game of golf together, but because we had so many father-son moments that just make me feel like I hope this young boy felt Sunday. It’s wonderful to have had such a great/amazing father, to which I hope I possess even half the qualities that my father possessed.

Following a round of golf with some awesome friends in the Steve Schroetlin family and returning home, it was a night in which I had a Doug Duncan, Father’s Day meal.

Steak, hashbrowns (all on the grill of course), corn and, to top it all off...a bowl of vanilla ice cream with salted peanuts and butterscotch topping coating the top.

Oh how I miss the days of old, time spent with my own father and moments like the young father and son had goofing around on the driving range.

Despite the absence of my own father, the memories will never be far. Days that have past since you left us all will never seem long, but will always make us close.

A belated Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. And to MY dad...the next time you see me slice, hook, shank or duff the golf ball, reach down from your comfortable lawn chair in heaven and steer that dern ball down the middle of the fairway, would ya?

I can use all the extra help with this game they call golf, as many around these parts can attest to.

Happy Fathers Day Doug Duncan. I miss you each and every day.

BULL – Big Week(end)

It certainly was one heck of a big week and weekend around the county, beginning with a resounding championship by the Sutton Golf team and ending with a county full of returning visitors and former students of Clay County schools.

BULL – Sold Out Times Three

I had the pleasure this past Sunday to take in the Sutton Community Theater’s presentation of “The Wicked Wizard of Oz,” and to my amazement, the local group pulled off yet another stellar performance....to say the very least.

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