BULL - The Annual Race

Sitting down on Sunday to catch up a few things for our weekly adventures in newspaper publishing, it hit me pretty hard when figuring out our schedule, as well as my own schedule or “to do list”, that we’re nearing the peak of the second busiest run of the year beginning next week with conference basketball, conference wrestling, district basketball and wrestling, as well as, state wrestling’s annual three day run in Omaha.

BULL - Sticking to Your Guns...

There are times when I sit to write this column every Tuesday morning that, I will admit, I have trouble coming up with enough...so in turn, I stretch.

BULL – In the End...

This coming Monday night ends a run of sorts for yours truly with the passing of the gavel as the Sutton Area Chamber of Commerce President.

Seasons of Change...

Seasons come and seasons go...A phrase my Grandpa Bryant used to say all the time.

BULL – Stepping up to the Plate

Saturday night’s Comedy for a Cause event brought back so many flashing memories to many, including myself.

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