the good NEws

the good NEws - Outstanding

They’ve called me “outstanding”.

the good NEws - Pressure

Cool as a cucumber

the good NEws - Living Basic-ly

One of the few non-network television channels that Shea and I get is HGTV, and two of the few shows, of the little TV we watch, are “Love It or List It” and “House Hunters”.

the good NEws - Shea After Dentist

I hope that many of you have seen the “David After Dentist” video on YouTube, where a young boy is recorded shortly after waking up from anesthesia following oral surgery.

the good NEws - Weddings on the Mind

I’m making a conscious effort to not write incessantly about wedding plans, but I wanted to revisit the subject this week since we have our Weddings section in this week’s issue.

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