the good NEws

the good NEws (Bonus) - The World's Game

Word is that Ghana has rationed and purchased additional electricity from neighbor Ivory Coast in an effort to allow Ghanaians to watch today’s World Cup match against the U.S.

the good NEws - Outstanding

They’ve called me “outstanding”.

the good NEws - Pressure

Cool as a cucumber

the good NEws - Living Basic-ly

One of the few non-network television channels that Shea and I get is HGTV, and two of the few shows, of the little TV we watch, are “Love It or List It” and “House Hunters”.

the good NEws - Shea After Dentist

I hope that many of you have seen the “David After Dentist” video on YouTube, where a young boy is recorded shortly after waking up from anesthesia following oral surgery.

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