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Megan's Musings

Megan's Musings - The Connor and Associate Consulting Firm

Last week, Connor and I spent a good deal of several days overseeing the action to the west of us.

Megan's Musings - Cell Phone Etiquette

Don’t you just love your cell phone?

Megan's Musings - Ten Years

When you think about the difference ten years can make in a person’s life, it is incredible.

Megan's Musings - Mom's Pay Back

One of the little princes approached me the other day and rather accusingly stated, “You know, Mom, you should thank us.  You really should.  You write about us all the time. You owe us. Hey, you should pay us!”

Megan's Musings - Untouched Paints

I was surprised and thrilled by the birthday incredible collection of acrylic paints from my Grandma. Showcased in a tidy box, sealed tight, I was smitten.

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