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Megan's Musings

Megan's Musings - My Antonio

Last week we had a baby in the house. No, not a kitten or a new puppy or another bucket calf.  A real honest to goodness baby boy. For purposes of this column I will refer to him as My Antonio.

Megan's Musings - Mother's Day

I hope all of you mothers had a beautiful day on Sunday. Certainly, as a mother of four sons, I had high expectations for Mother’s Day. My men did not let me down.

Megan's Musings - An Unauthorized First Haircut

I was tending for some extra children the other day and while I love having more kiddos around, I have to say sometimes I wonder why people entrust me with their children.

Megan's Musings - Talent Show

I hope you caught the Sutton Elementary Talent Show last Friday night, but if you missed it…

Megan's Musings - Murder Mystery Dominance

A couple weeks ago I attended the murder mystery, Nun of Your Beeswax, hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

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