BULL – Characters In Life

You’ve often times heard me refer to wrestling fans as passionate and intense. This past weekend’s trip to Omaha to cover the 2013 Nebraska State High School Wrestling Championships proved to be no different, both fans and competitors alike.

the good NEws - Becoming a Nebraskan

I’ve lived here in Sutton for more than four years now, but last week, I finally became a Nebraskan.

BULL – Watchful Eye

I have to admit that it is always “interesting” to watch the crowds during events in which competition takes place.

the good NEws - Our Personal Super Bowls

Almost everybody watches the Super Bowl, so I should be able to use Sunday’s version of it as an example without losing too many of my readers. If you didn’t watch it, or don’t care for football, just hang tight – this won’t be a game analysis.

The Two Triggers

As I sat down to finish writing this on Tuesday, I have learned of another shooting making headlines today, which injured three people on a Texas college campus.

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