BULL – Fun in the Job

Can you really have as much fun within your job as I have?

the good NEws - Gather Ye Rosebuds

I don’t watch a lot of television, in fact I’m *this* close to canceling, or at least downgrading, my service as a way to save some money and encourage more productive behavior. I say downgrading because football season is approaching. Network stations may have to be kept.

BULL – Going Thru Life...

Once in a great while, life throws “curve balls” at you. I hate to over do the sports analogies, but it’s true, curve balls can be thrown at any given time of any day the good Lord gives you!

the good NEws - Sing for Symtschytsch

I’ve been told my a number of people that this column is one of the first things that they look at each week when they open the paper. To them, I first say thank you, but this week I also want to stay stop ahead before you go too far. Look over to page 2 and first read the story about the benefit that is being planned in Clay Center for Heather Symtschytsch, as this week’s column directly addresses it.

BULL – Pride at Home

This past week to week and a half around Clay County has definitely been one of those time frames in which communities throughout the county certainly showed off their pride on several different levels.

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