the good NEws - Ron With the Bicycle

On Friday, a homeless man named Ron came into our office.

BULL – Big Week(end)

It certainly was one heck of a big week and weekend around the county, beginning with a resounding championship by the Sutton Golf team and ending with a county full of returning visitors and former students of Clay County schools.

the good NEws - There's No Place Like the Theater

Believing that she is stuck in Oz forever and will never see her home again, Dorothy is told by Glinda that she has had the power to return home all along. “She wouldn’t have believed me,” Glinda says in response to the Scarecrow’s question of why she didn’t tell Dorothy sooner. “She had to learn it for herself.”

BULL – Sold Out Times Three

I had the pleasure this past Sunday to take in the Sutton Community Theater’s presentation of “The Wicked Wizard of Oz,” and to my amazement, the local group pulled off yet another stellar performance....to say the very least.

the good NEws - 91 Seconds and Counting

You may remember from my first column after the new year, my proclamation of my “resolution” to record one second of video from every day this year. I’m here to tell you that, after another 31 seconds in March, the project is going well, now three months in.

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