BULL - Ready or Not

After a two and a half, to three week break with the completion of the Fall Sports season, it becomes time to change gears and ready ourselves to chase basketball games and wrestling matches all over the country.

BULL - A Bright Monday

Sometimes after hearing enough bad news, and what was coming out of Happy Valley, PA last week, a turn of the tide Monday morning was just what one needed to pick the dobber up some.

the good NEws - Who You Gonna Call? Kris Moo-dy.

There I was, crouched in the dark, cold basement of an old, vacant building with my Nikon, tripod, video camera, digital voice recorder and Mag light, ready to capture some EVPs and register some K2 hits.

Sports Sidelines - Nebraska v. Northwestern

Nebraska 25, Northwestern 28

Day by Day - Better and Better - HICCUP

Mercy me oh my! How can the Nebraska football team go from so good against Michigan State to losing to a team like Northwestern in just seven days. Coach Be Pelini would probably like to know the answer too.

Pelini recognized right after the Northwestern game on a radio broadcast. “No one person is to blame, it is all our fault, from top to bottom.”

Well so be it but for the life of me I cannot understand how the Huskers can be so up and then so down. I will say this about Pelini, he realized that Northwestern was a good team and their coach Pat Fitzgerald is a good coach before the teams met on the football field Saturday.

My first impression is that Nebraska did not have a good enough game plan to weather the Wildcat storm this week.

Pass defense was terrible. If you looked hard the center of the field was open nearly all the time and Northwestern exploited that to the nth degree. Tackling reverted to old times a great deal. Sloppy!

Rushing defense - well Nebraska had only 122 yards. Don’t tell me the opposition does not know who to gear up for at this point in the season. Why oh why didn’t Nebraska use those fast freshmen and run the ends a lot more. You know, wear out the opposition, an old Nebraska trademark.

On the offensive side of the Huskers. All the success and hype battering ram Rex Burkhead has received - Don’t you think opposing coaches are going to key on a player like this? So when they did key on Burkhead. . .where was an alternative offensive weapon? Nebraska just was NOT prepared when Burkhead was stopped.

The passing game was not bad as Martinez completed about 70 % of his passes for 289 yards. Give the guy credit the plays are called from upstairs and he is learning to make the slide when necessary. Martinez only ran on 12 plays and picked up 53 yard with a 19 yard run when Nebraska really needed it.

Another “let’s not kid ourselvers” is the fact that Nebraska’s line play was not good at all. We got whipped all over the place in this category.

Play calling is where I think we got really hammered. Perhaps that goes back to the game plan, I am not sure but I think Nebraska should have tried to shake some other runners loose on offense when they should have realized Burkhead was NOT gong to have a Burkhead day. Where is the alternate game plans when the original does not work ? ? ?

Grade for the week F-.

Now is the time of reckoning!

The work will not get any easier from here on out. Penn State, Michigan and Iowa. Two on the road and the final at home after Thanksgiving. Now is the time for Coach Pelini and the Husker football team to really prove when and  what they CAN do on the football field.


BULL - What is a Veteran?

You ask that question to anyone and what you will get is many different answers.

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