the good NEws - Weddings on the Mind

I’m making a conscious effort to not write incessantly about wedding plans, but I wanted to revisit the subject this week since we have our Weddings section in this week’s issue.

BULL - Questions Asked

As you may or may not know, unique things, or maybe better put, timely things, from time to time, are asked of me while taking in events around the county.

A Postal Service Monopoly is Possible

In a release received via email this week from the CEO and General Counsel of the National Newspaper Association, Tonda F. Rush, the opening line read this: “Unlimited Postal Rate Increases Proposed by Senate Leaders.” Say WHAT?????

BULL - The Annual Race

Sitting down on Sunday to catch up a few things for our weekly adventures in newspaper publishing, it hit me pretty hard when figuring out our schedule, as well as my own schedule or “to do list”, that we’re nearing the peak of the second busiest run of the year beginning next week with conference basketball, conference wrestling, district basketball and wrestling, as well as, state wrestling’s annual three day run in Omaha.

the good NEws – A Tough Sentence

In December 2012, then Dallas Cowboy defensive tackle Josh Brent got behind the wheel of a car possessing a blood alcohol content of 0.18. He crashed the vehicle, killing teammate Jerry Brown.

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