The might and drive of student-athletes

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By Tory Duncan

Thursday, May 11, marked a day in high school athletics that I’ll not soon forget. The C-4 District meet, hosted by Thayer Central High School in Hebron, left a great deal of thought in my mind as I drove home at around 9 p.m. that night.

Nope, my thoughts weren’t around winners, champions or the many “almosts” that took place. What stood out to me the very most wasn’t the color of medal that hung around the necks of our student athletes in Sutton, Harvard and at Sandy Creek....It was all about the drive, the mental toughness, and the drive to succeed. That will to excel and put it all out there.

I think of the 3,200-meter relay, in which the Sutton boys, despite getting second, gutted out one amazing battle with state leader Thayer Central.


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