Capturing moments through the lens

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By Tory Duncan

I have always enjoyed the means of capturing life’s moments with a camera. Sometimes I get just that moment, other times, especially in the case of sports or action photography, a millisecond can make or break a photo.

I guess it is safe to say that photography is both a hobby and a career of sorts for me.

With the upcoming Clay County Fair this week, as well as the Area-5 Junior Legion District baseball tournament, there will be many moments presented to me to hopefully capture that moment to share with our readers.

Over the past several weeks, one of the leading photographers in the world has been capturing moments in the life of a family with many local ties. Bill Frakes, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, caught on to a once in a lifetime story about Lucille Kester, the mother of Sutton educator Jennifer Johnson, and grandmother to Rachel Roemmich.


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