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By Jordyn Hulinsky

Man, the struggle is real… Sometimes meeting new people is a struggle.

I have been working in Clay County for 16 days now and have had nothing but good experiences thus far. My coworkers are entertaining and fun, and everyone else I have met has been extra kind to me.

All kinds of people have stopped me in various places around the county to ask me who I am, where I am from and what I am doing, in a good type of way.

But, meeting new people is not always easy. I have met so many people in these first 16 days in Clay County, but I could maybe only tell you about 10 of those people’s names, and it should probably be noted that I work with four people that are included in that 10.

And that is tough, because I truly do want to get to know the people of this county and I want to find my place in this county. But, sometimes it takes a while before you remember people’s names and before you find your spot in a new place.


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