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Long time Sutton resident Marjorie Yost, passed away peacefully in Alpharetta, GA, April 29, just days after her 98th birthday. Born and raised in Washington, K S , Marjorie met and married Mert (Snort) Yost i n 1938  . The ir wedding ceremony was certainly one of the most unique in matrimonial history , as immediately after the ceremony, Marjorie headed for the operating table for an emergency appendectomy. After several job-related moves in Nebraska, the couple returned to Sutton, where Mert took over the Ford dealership from his father, C.G. (Coony) Yost. Ever a firm believer in education, at 43, Marjorie returned to school at Hastings College, graduating with a degree in Education in 1963, subsequently teaching English  literature at Sutton and Henderson High Schools.She took great pride in her development of a curriculum  that included such “heavy reading” as Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Walden and many  Shakespearian plays. In 1979, after Mert ’ sretirement and the selling of  the Ford dealership that ha een in the family 63 years, the couple moved to Georgia, buying a home on Lake Arrowhead, north of Atlanta. The home provided easy fishing, which Mert loved, but most importantly, it was close to daughter Linda and son Steve and their families.Following Mert’s death, December 13, 1982, Marjorie moved to metro Atlanta, where she donated her time as a docent at the High Museum of Art and also signed on with the Political Action Committee of the Sierra Club. In 1988, Marjorie married Louie Davis, who shared her passion for education and the environment. The two traveled the globe together and worked tirelessly on a variety of environmental issues. Marjorie is survived by her daughter, Linda Valadez, and sons, Stephen and Richard, as well as seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren   

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