A fine line of perspective

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By Tory Duncan

You know, I have truly found over this past almost two weeks now with all of the natural disasters that have gone on in North America and Mexico with the massive earthquake, that there truly is a fine line on the perspective I have on journalism, newspaper reporting!

It’s obvious we all know about Hurricane Harvey and with what has been taking place with Hurricane Irma, these natural disasters are just that terrible and unimaginable!

As we reported last week, in a story on local Suttonite, Kevin George, who was a part of the Nebraska National Guard, and as you will read this week, a story from 1992 Sutton High School graduate, Mark Majors, and his efforts with his Nebraska Task Force-1 team, we obviously have some local folks that are stepping up in such major rolls to not only save lives but sustain lives, as the country begins the early stages of rebuilding in these regions that have suffered such great loss, not just physical homes or business loss, but lives lost.


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